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Wednesday   11:30am-8:30pm   11:30am-8:30pm  
Thursday   11:30am-8:30pm   11:30am-8:30pm  
Friday   11:30am-8:30pm   11:30am-8:30pm  
Saturday   12pm-8:30pm   12pm-8:30pm  
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Friday 28th September 2018
Saturday 29th September 2018
Sunday 30th September 2018
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Reviews from some of our customers
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The food was great, the presentation was great and the delivery service was excellent. will certainly east from Salon de Sushi again
Felicity Nieuwenhuyzen
We all work at Travelodge Southbank hotel. We will not order sushi from anywhere else!! No matter who works on the night shift and they want sushi they will order from here. Absolutely amazing sushi!!!
Jason De Stefano
Simply fantastic, fresh sushi every time. Great service!
Michael Connor
I have coeliac disease so ordering sushi can be a bit tricky sometimes, but this will be my third order in under a month of their creamy salmon rolls and I cannot recommend them enough! By far the best sushi I have ever had.
Very different to all other Sushi places, presentation of the box the food selection inside was amazing.
Kaye Teo
Very efficient and followed the delivery instructions. Prompt and punctual.
Jordan Rothschild
Food was delicious and delivered close to desired time considering heavy traffic. Would order again.
John Walker
Many Thank yousss amazing will use you again...
Jodie Matar
Consistently excellent cuisine. Always fresh and delicious. Fast delivery.
Gergana Nedelcheva
Fast delivery, very tasty and served with style.
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